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So Much More Than A Bad Credit Catalogue

So Much More Than A Bad Credit Catalogue

If you have ever had a rejection from a bad credit or instant credit catalogues then Yes Catalogue is for you. I am sure you understand how terrible constant rejections feel but it is not really that your credit file number is that low, it is more likely to be the fact that you are being scored on how many applications you have made in a short space of time than having money issues. The more searches your have on your file, the more desperate the credit need seems. If this is what is happening to you then you need to gain credit another way and Yes Catalogue can definitely help.

With Yes Catalogue you will have at least a £300 spend limit, no matter what kind of credit issues you may have had in the past, with easy repayment terms of 3 months or less your repayments will always be split into equal amounts and taken directly from your debit card. This is how Yes Catalogue instant credit catalogue bridges the credit search gap.

As well as having the opportunity to buy goods on credit, Yes Catalogue Pro members will have a world of learning opportunities open to them that are so easy to access and the majority of starter course are free of charge. From IT and coding courses to home styling and garden design. There is something for everyone and each course has a recognised accreditation, this could be just the thing for an enquiring mind getting bored of lockdown.

Another great bonus is the lifestyle discounts that range from well-known High Street stores that you can use on line or out shopping once the lockdown is over, as well as Holiday Shop discounts when we are allowed to take time out on holiday again, but before then there will be cinema tickets at discount as well.

There are no other instant or bad credit catalogues that can offer this, especially without credit checks and once you pay off your first order you can order again with a higher credit limit. Trust is made completely individually with Yes Catalogue, it is your conduct while paying your order that will guaranteed future credit or not. As all repayments are taken directly from your debit card, you do not have to worry about missing a payment and you can expected delivery within a short time as soon as the minimum payments have been made.

All you need to gain guaranteed acceptance to Yes Catalogue the best bad credit catalogues available in the UK is:

Stop the rejections and make the most of an account with Yes Catalogue, so much more than a regular instant credit or bad credit catalogues, get your items quickly, learn a new skill, or plan a shopping trip to make the most of great discounts once the lockdown is over.

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